Sources of Wisdom resources – OCR Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

These resources have been designed to complement the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics component of the OCR GCSE Religious Studies (9-1) specification.

Produced for Bible Society by RE Today Services.

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What does the Bible have to do with Philosophy and Ethics?

What does the Bible teach about what a marriage should be like?

Matthew 19.1–9; 1 Corinthians 7.8–11

Does the Bible teach that men and women should have different roles?

Genesis 1.26–18; 2.18–23; Ephesians 5.21–28

What did Paul teach the Galatians about equality?

Galatians 3.27–29

What do Christians believe that God is like?

Genesis 1.1–2.4; Luke 15.11–32

Does Genesis chapter 1 provide evidence for any of the arguments about the existence of God?

Genesis 1.1–2.4

Christians believe that humans can know God – but how?

John 1.1–5, 14

How do miracles provide Christians with an experience of God?

John 4.46–54

How might a vision be seen as proof that God exists?

Numbers 12.6; Acts 9.1–9

What does the Bible say about using violence?

Joel 3.9–11; Micah 4.3; Matthew 5.38–39

What did Jesus teach about peace?

Mark 12.29–31; Matthew 5.38–39; Exodus 21.26

Why do Christians believe that forgiveness is important?

Matthew 6.9–13, 18.21–35

How does the Bible relate to life in the twenty-first century?

Exodus 20.2–17; Genesis 1.26–28; Psalm 139.13

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