Sources of Wisdom resources – AQA Thematic studies A–F

These resources have been designed to complement themes A-F of the AQA A GCSE Religious Studies (9-1) specification.

Produced for Bible Society by RE Today Services.

Booklet breakdown

What does the Bible have to do with Philosophy and Ethics?

What did Jesus teach about what a marriage should be like?

Mark 10.1–12

What did Paul write about sexual morality?

1 Corinthians 6.9–14,18–10

What did Paul think about the roles of men and women?

Genesis 1.26–28; 1 Timothy 2.11–12; Galatians 3.27–29

What do stories of creation tell Christians about where the world came from?

Genesis 1.1–2.9, 15–25

What does it mean for humans to be made in the image of God?

Genesis 1.26–31; Jeremiah 1.4–8

Does Genesis chapter 1 provide evidence for either of these arguments about the existence of God?

Genesis 1.1–2.4

How do miracles provide Christians with evidence of God?

John 4.46–54

Christians believe that humans can know God – but how?

Psalm 24.1; Exodus 20.2–3; Luke 1.37; John 3.16; Numbers 12.6; Acts 9.3–7

What does the Bible say about going to war?

Joel 3.9–11; Isaiah 2.4; Matthew 5.38–39

What did Jesus teach about peace?

Mark 12.29–31; Matthew 5.5–9

How do beliefs about sin, justice and mercy influence how Christians think about crime?

Matthew 5.7

Do Christians believe that they always have to obey the law?

Romans 13.1–4

Why do Christians believe that forgiveness is important?

Matthew 6.9–13, 18.21–22

What do Christians believe about the death penalty?

Genesis 9.6; Exodus 21.24; Matthew 5.38–39

Why do many Christians think that social justice is important?

Isaiah 1.17; Micah 6.8; Mark 12.29–31; James 2.14–17

What did Paul teach the Galatians and Corinthians about equality?

Galatians 3.27–29; 1 Corinthians 12.12–18, 21, 27; 14.34–35

What do Christians believe that God wants them to do with their money?

1 Timothy 6.3–10, Luke 16.19–31

What does Proverbs say about how to treat the poor?

Proverbs 22.1, 22

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