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Archives at Cambridge

We’ve been offering the Bible to the world for over 200 years. Our library puts history at your fingertips.

The library is housed at Cambridge University Library and contains thousands of fascinating items, from printed Scriptures to manuscripts, and archives for reference books.

Printed Scriptures

The BFBS collection contains over 41,000 printed items in over 2,000 languages, including the largest collection of Chinese Scriptures in the world, and some precious manuscripts used and respected by scholars from all over the world.  These are held in trust by BFBS as part of the heritage of the worldwide Bible Society movement.


A catalogue of more than 500 manuscripts in 184 languages is held at Cambridge University Library.

The Archives

A catalogue of Bible Society archives is available online at and contains committee minutes, some Action Group materials, financial records and important correspondence. Missionary archives can be viewed at Further Action Group materials can also be found in some local museums and libraries.

Reference Books 

Reference books on subjects such as the histories of translation, linguistics, biographies and the Bible as an artefact can be found at the library. They are in the process of being catalogued online.

Access to the collection 

Bible Society library is housed in the Bradshaw Room, off the Anderson Room, in the South Pavilion of Cambridge University Library. Opening times are from 9.15 am to 12.45 pm and from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm Mondays to Fridays, though unscheduled closures may occasionally occur. For this reason readers are strongly advised to make an appointment to use the collection.

CUL is not a public library, and is accessible for academic research only to those holding a CUL reader's ticket. Arrangements can sometimes be made for other visitors to the Bible Society collection.

Please contact for further information. 


This guide will help you search the collection.

  • Suitable for researchers.
  • Contains a wealth of material from the earliest days of hand printing in the 15th century to the latest printed and electronic versions.
  • Items available in a range of languages, especially English, Hebrew, Greek and Latin.
  • Many of the items are catalogued online for easy browsing.
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