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Theos is the leading UK religion and society think tank. Part of the British and Foreign Bible Society (Bible Society), we exist to enrich the public conversation around faith and belief, which is so often caricatured, misinformed or narrowly focused on a limited set of divisive issues.

Theos is motivated by the conviction that faith in general, and Christianity in particular, is a gift not a threat, and can be a profound source of wisdom and insight for enriching our common life. By drawing primarily on the Bible and the long tradition of Christian social and political thought, we bring an intelligent, biblically- and theologically-literate but non-tribal perspective to the public square, and seek to show how Christian thought and practice is part of the solution rather than the problem.

As a research organisation, we have authored nearly 80 books and reports since our foundation in 2006. These have covered a wide range of issues, from end-of-life to faith-based social action, secularisation to the establishment of the Church of England, freedom of speech to religious violence. In addition to our research, we host conversations (podcasts, events and lectures) as well as provide commentary and analysis on current affairs and popular culture, which appear regularly in the media.

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