You've Got The Time

Fit the Bible into your busy lifestyle

Discover the Bible in a new and exciting way through our new FREE listening programme You’ve Got the Time (YGTT).

You will be enriched and inspired as you listen to the whole of the New Testament for just 28 minutes a day over 40 days.

Whether you’re on a lunch break, at the gym, walking the dog or doing the shopping – with You’ve Got the Time, the Bible can fit into your busy day.

What you get

  • A FREE download of the New Testament – a new audio New Testament using the CEV recorded by Riding Lights Theatre Company. We also have a Welsh audio recording, please click on the same link.
  • A simple listening plan – this will take you all the way from Matthew to Revelation in just 40 days.
  • A CD ROM pack for church leaders - with talk outlines, small group study ideas and a short film to help a whole church get the most out of the listening experience. To request a CD ROM pack call 01793 418222.
  • A complete set of resources for a small group to go deeper into the New Testament, week by week.
  • Recording features the fresh Contemporary English Version (CEV). For more information about the CEV, visit this link.

Why it is free

We want to give you a free download because you will be enriched by your listening experience.

All we ask is you express your gratitude through gifts to help people around the world hear the Bible in their own language through our Faith Comes By Hearing projects.

Download the New Testament and access your FREE resources


What is Faith Comes By Hearing?

Faith Comes By Hearing makes the New Testament available in audio across the world for communities that can’t read. 

Audio tapes and solar powered players called Proclaimers are brought to villages and churches which have yet to hear God’s Word in their own language.

Why Faith Comes By Hearing is vital:

  • A billion people can’t read – but only 3 per cent of languages have the Bible in audio
  • Every 5 seconds someone goes blind – but the Bible in Braille exists in only 30 languages
  • For a billion people, a printed Bible is a luxury they simply can’t afford

You can help people listen to the Bible for the first time by making a donation today.

Please give