“Blind people often tell me that having the scriptures in braille brings them dignity. They become active members of church, feel included in society and can read for themselves just how much God loves and values them” (Emmanuel Turinawe, field worker for The Bible Society of Uganda)

In Uganda blindness is perceived as a curse but this year, you have a wonderful opportunity to open up the bible to blind believers there. The Bible Society of Uganda has the joy of giving them a gift they genuinely long for: the Bible in braille.

Your donation today could help put the Bible at the fingertips of a blind person living in Uganda.

Emmanuel met 25-year-old Morris, he is a blind man living in Lira Town. Morris lost his sight when he was six. He does not remember being able to see.

Thankfully, Morris’ parents made sure he went to school where he learned to read braille and read the Bible. Since leaving school and working as a shopkeeper, he’s not owned a single book of the Bible in braille.

Together, we can give Morris and others like him, a copy of the Bible in braille.

“I would love to read the Bible every night before I go to sleep. It’s not possible to have a deep understanding of God from sermons alone. On your own, at home, with the Bible, God’s word can penetrate your life.”

Morris, 25

“Growing up in Uganda, I never knew how hard life was for those in my country who are born blind.”

Emmanuel Turinawe

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