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For so long, Jamaicans have been denied the Bible in the language of their heart – the language of their family.

Patois is the spoken at the kitchen table, in the yard at school, and across generations of the family. But Jamaica only has the Bible in English – a formal language taught at school.

Jamaicans need to hear – right now – that God speaks their language.

Your support has already allowed us to translate Luke’s Gospel into Patois. And this single book is having a big impact.

Now, you can help translate the rest of the New Testament.

More than half the world’s languages are still waiting for one book of the Bible. Your gift will help translate the Bible into Patois as well as supporting our translations and other work around the world.

‘When God speaks my language,’ he said, ‘I am validated – God has come down to me.’

Revd Courtney Stewart, head of the Bible Society of the West Indies

Fajah had been a Christian her entire life, but had only ever read the Bible in English. She found this difficult. Fajah struggled to understand each word and couldn’t grasp the meaning. 

But then Fajah was given the Gospel of Luke in Patois – and she was overwhelmed with joy. She could truly experience the Bible’s message. The word of God finally became real and meaningful.

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