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Help us put more audio Bibles in prisons.
Dawit* was a murderer, a rapist and a thief. He was feared and hated around his town in rural Ethiopia. When he was finally caught he was imprisoned with a double life sentence.
But in prison his life was transformed by the Proclaimer audio Bible.
‘One day during recess hour, a black box appeared in the communal room. It was a Proclaimer audio Bible provided by Bible Society and the voice that day was speaking out that God died for our sins. That night I couldn’t sleep. The message stuck with me. Even though I was rejected by society, Jesus Christ accepted me and loved me.’
Ten years on, Dawit is the prison pastor and coordinates the daily Bible listening groups. He has 25 years left to serve in jail – but says, ‘God put me here for a reason. I am helping so many other men to change their ways and discover God. It’s my mission to share God’s love with everyone.’
We want to give Proclaimers to prisons, hospitals, orphanages and rural communities in Ethiopia so that 50,000 people can join listening groups.
It costs £40 to provide a Proclaimer audio Bible. Please donate today and help us to share God’s Word.
*Name changed to protect his identity

So then, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through preaching Christ.

Romans 10.17 (GNT)

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