We need people like you

Our mission to offer the Bible to the world is a big one. But with your help, we believe it’s possible.

We need people like you to join our team. We invite you to give your time and skills, and work with us as we seek to overcome the barriers that keep the Bible shut for so many people.

Already, thousands of volunteers in England and Wales have committed to this mission.

Will you be part of it too?

You can be part of one of the following teams:

Speaking team

If you’ve a gift for inspiring a crowd, delivering a compelling message, sharing your passion for the Bible, then it sounds like you should join the Speaking team.

Being a Speaker involves:

  • Sharing our great mission with Christians in your area and inspiring them to get involved.
  • Speaking on behalf of Bible Society at church services and meetings near you.
  • Linking up with other members of the Bible Society team in your area.

Find out more about being a speaker

Church team

Are you involved in your church? Are you the type of person who makes things happen? If so, this is the area for you.

Being part of the Church team involves:

  • Making sure our mission to offer the Bible to the world is on your church’s agenda.
  • Asking your church leader to use the stories, news updates and resources we send you.
  • Asking your church to pray regularly for our mission.

Find out more about being a church representative

Schools team

Around 300,000 primary school children in the country currently hear the Bible’s stories every week, thanks to our amazing Schools team. But we’d love to get into more schools to open the Bible for more children. You just need to have around an hour available each week during school time.

And this is a flavour of what you’ll do:

  • Together with other members of the Schools team, you’ll gather up a few ‘biblical’ props and costumes, and act out scripted Bible stories during school assembly times.
  • We’ll train you and help you approach your local primary school to set everything up.
  • You’ll have the privilege of seeing children discover the Bible, often for the first time in their lives.

We guarantee you’ll love this project. It’s unbelievably simple and easy to do. The vision is to get Bible storytelling into every primary school in England and Wales – so it’ll be coming your way eventually!

Find out more about being part of the schools team

Action Group team

Are you well connected in your town or village? Do you enjoy meeting with people from other churches to organise fundraising events? We have over 200 Action Groups across the country that you could join, or you could even start your own group.

Being part of an Action Group involves:

  • Organising events and activities like sponsored walks, bike rides and Bible readings.
  • Raising money to help open up the Bible for people around the world.

Find out more about being part of an action group

Support team

Are you based near Swindon? Do you love order and organising things? Would you like to be part of our lively office team? If so, you’re exactly who we need to come and join us at Bible Society HQ.

Being part of the Support team involves:

  • Working alongside staff on our campaigns, in our online shop, in fundraising and supporter services.
  • Everything from opening the post, to computer work, to welcoming guests to our offices.

Find out more about being part of the support team

Events team

If you enjoy going to Christian festivals and chatting with people, this is definitely the team for you to join!

Being on the Events team includes:

  • Joining us at festivals to be on our stand, chatting to people who stop by.
  • Sharing your passion for the Bible and inspiring people to join our work in giving and prayer.

Find out more about helping at events

Download resources (click the links below to download each resource)

Be part of our Speaking TeamOur Speaking team is made up of many individuals who speak at churches, meetings and fundraising events in their area to share our mission to offer the Bible to the world.
Be part of our Church TeamThe Church team is all about getting the mission to offer the Bible to the world on your church’s agenda.
Be part of our Schools TeamThe Schools team are the driving force behind our project, Open the Book. Thousands of people are part of this team, from churches all over England and Wales.
Be part of our Action Group TeamCurrently, our wonderful Action Group team are organising events, activities, sponsored walks, rides, Bible readings and anything else you can think of – all over the country.
Be part of our Support TeamThe Support team are a wonderful group of people who come into our base in Swindon, Wiltshire, to work alongside the staff team. They do everything from opening the post to inputting data, depending on their skills and interests.
Be part of our Events TeamThe Events team is where you join us on our stand at Christian festivals around the country, chatting to people that drop by, inspiring them to join our work in giving and prayer and answering questions.
Be Part of Team Mary JonesThe Team at Mary Jones World are the wonderful group of people who come into the centre in Bala, Gwynedd, to work alongside the staff.
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