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28 June 2011
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Making history
Making history Hundreds of people gathered at Edinburgh Castle this month for the launch of Bible Society’s People’s Bible initiative.

Between now and November, 35,000 people across England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man are expected to answer a call to ‘Make your mark in history’ and handwrite verses of the Bible, using a digital pen, to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.
Once written, the verses will be uploaded to the internet where they will be immediately available online.

At the launch, Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop said, ‘I think this will help connect people again with the Bible in an accessible way.’

Elaine Duncan, Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society said, ‘I’m really excited about the next six months. It’s hard to anticipate what might happen, but I think this has the potential to have a very big impact.’

The launch was held at the birthplace of King James VI of Scotland.

Click here to find out how you can get involved.

Four hundred miles on a bus
Four hundred miles on a bus An 81-year-old retired church minister has made a 437-mile journey from Edinburgh to Westminster using only his
bus pass.

Revd Brian Ranford hopes to have raised thousands of pounds for Bible translation as a result of his eight-day trip, which ended today. He lived in the remote Tuvalu Islands as a Bible translator in his twenties – so he hopes his efforts will raise as much as possible to fund Bible translation today.
‘You need the Bible in order to have a happy, peaceful world,’ says Mr Ranford. ‘The Bible is a witness to the God that people think that they can do without.’

His bus journey has taken in some of the destinations that The People’s Bible tour is visiting this summer, going from Carlisle, Durham, York and Lincoln onto Cambridge, Oxford, High Wycombe and finally Westminster.

En route, Mr Ranford read the book of Isaiah in digital on
his Kindle.

Through Tanzanian eyes
Through Tanzanian eyes Seeing a range of Bible Society projects first hand has been an inspiration for a group of Bible Society supporters.

Peter and Mary Stewart, the treasurer and chair of Worthing Action Group respectively, were part of a 13-strong group who travelled to Tanzania to see the Faith Comes By Hearing audio programme in action, and the Good Samaritan HIV/AIDS training.
‘Seeing the dignity and hope being brought about by people dedicated to the Lord’s work was humbling and inspiring,’ Peter said.

‘We knew Good Samaritan changed lives but we didn’t fully understand the impact the project has on the whole community,’ added Mary.

A highlight was the final Sunday, worshipping under an acacia tree with a 100-strong Maasai congregation. ‘The church was formed just a year before when an evangelist brought a Faith Comes By Hearing Proclaimer device to the village,’ said trip coordinator Sue Wilmot.

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Making history
Four hundred miles on a bus
Through Tanzanian eyes
Bring comfort and hope to orphans
For the Chinese community in your parish
Please pray

Bring comfort and hope to orphans

When Surafel arrived at an orphanage in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, he was sad and lonely. He had no parents, no home, and no faith. But now, he has encountered God through the Bible. He says, ‘I always think the Bible was written for orphans. God loves me, and because of this, I love him.’

A gift of £40 will buy Bibles for ten orphans or street children like Surafel, helping them to get to know God and overcome a life torn apart by famine, war or poverty.

Click here to give today.

For the Chinese community in your parish

The Chinese/English dual language Bible is an ideal resource for ministers of congregations or communities that include Chinese speakers.
Find out more

Your church can also benefit from 10 per cent off the Chinese/English Bible – or any other purchases – though our new More Than a Book programme. To find out more, click here

Please pray

For the first time ever, Bible Society became involved in organising last year’s National Prayer Breakfast in Romania – a key annual event for Christians passionate about politics in Eastern Europe.

About 300 delegates attended
the December prayer breakfast, including politicians, diplomats, civic dignitaries and
church leaders.

Please pray that Christian influence in politics will increase in Romania. Pray especially for Christian MPs promoting moral and ethical values.

For more prayer points, read our latest prayers.

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