From the foundation of our mission over 200 years ago, Bible Society has sought to take the Bible to the ends of the Earth. Today, as we work with partner Bible Societies in 146 countries, and other Bible agencies, our passion for the international work remains as strong as ever. Whether translating the Scriptures into a language for the first time, producing and distributing Bibles and New Testaments in their millions, teaching people to read with Bible-based materials, helping people to engage with Scripture or championing its significance to all cultures and in all ages, Bible Society is working to transform the world with the Scriptures through the Church.

Did you know?

  • The first language in which Bible Society distributed Scriptures in Britain was in French to French prisoners of war.
  • The first foreign language translation undertaken by Bible Society was the Mohawk Gospel of John in 1804 – the year the charity was established.
  • Thanks mainly to the work of The British and Foreign Bible Society and Bible Societies around the world, the number of languages which had the Bible rose from about 50 in 1804 to over a thousand in 1939.

United Bible Societies

Bible Society in England & Wales is a member of United Bible Societies. The United Bible Societies is made up of 146 national Bible Societies operating in over 200 countries and territories. Together, they are the biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible in the world. They are also active in areas such as literacy training, HIV and AIDS prevention and disaster relief. Bible Societies work with all Christian Churches and many international non-governmental organisations.