For as long as there have been people, there have been stories. We all love stories, whether they are long or short, happy or sad, serious or silly. We are inspired by stories of hope and touched by stories of disappointment. Some people love fantastical stories of dragons and wizards, princesses and magical lands. Others prefer tales of rags-to-riches, heroes-to-zeroes, quests, rescues and thrilling adventures. And in many ways, your own life is a story!

So we’ve invited five great storytellers to each choose a story from one of the greatest collections ever known: the Bible.

Each one has retold their story in a different style. In this special collection you will find a short tale, a comic strip, a rhyme, a rap and a poem.

The competition

Follow in the footsteps of authors like Anthony Horowitz and Sir Andrew Motion: retell a Bible story in your own words.

You can choose whatever format you like. You might want to draw a comic; or write a poem, or just write a simple story. It is up to you.

Send in your entry and you could win an iPad, and see your story illustrated by The Beano’s Kev F!

The competition has now closed.

Competition terms and conditions