In 1800 a poor Welsh girl called Mary Jones walked 26 miles to buy a Bible. The story of her walk inspired Thomas Charles to found the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Bibles were scarce and expensive, and as Mary was from a poor weaving family she had to save for years to afford one.

When Mary met Thomas Charles, her determination to have her own Bible profoundly impacted him, and he wanted to help other people who – like Mary – longed for Bibles, but faced barriers in getting them.

Today, Bible Society continues in this mission of increasing the use and circulation of the Scriptures. Below you can find out more about our work in Wales.

A new, colloquial Welsh translation of the Bible.

The story of Mary Jones

Find out what happened when Mary Jones met Thomas Charles.


Byd Mary Jones World

Visit Byd Mary Jones World in Llanycil and find out more about Mary Jones and Bible Society.

The Mary Jones Walk

Follow in Mary Jones steps – walk 26 miles in North Wales and raise money to help Bible Society.


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